[Systems] - Arcturus

Arcturus (Alpha Bo÷tis)

Spectral type: K2 III
Apparent magnitude: -0.06
Right ascension: 14h 13m
Declination: +19° 27'

The name Arcturus translates roughly from Greek as "bear guard," a name once shared with the star's parent constellation, Bo÷tes. Unfortunately for the ancient Greeks, this name was also given to Ursa Major, the "Big Dipper" of the Northern Hemisphere, resulting in no end of confusion for astromythologists in recent times. For more unique labels, we must turn to the Chaldeans, who called it Papsukal, or "Divine Messenger." The Arabians, too, gave it a favored place in their pantheon, calling it the "Gate of Heaven" or "Keeper of Heaven." Even the Chinese had a special place for Arcturus, calling it the "Emperor" and designating two asterisms, one on each side, its "Officers."

The star was a valuable indicator of time to ancient people, second in importance only to Sirius for the keeping of calendars by early Egyptians. The Arcadians of classical Greece planned their annual festival around its motion relative to the sun. Hippocrates implicated Arcturus in conjunction with the weather as a cause of various conditions, harmful and helpful, affecting the human body.


Arcturus (AE0LIS-1)

CPU: Intel Pentium/133
Memory: 144MB
Disk: 4300MB
OS: Gentoo Linux (1.2)

Within the context of the AE0LIS system, Arcturus is the only portable node. It also has several network administration tools installed on it. These facts, in conjunction with the use of SSH, allows the AE0LIS system to be securely managed from practically any point on the globe.

Registered Linux System #48602

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