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Mission Statement

The AE0LIS Constellation is one big experiment.  At its most basic, it's one man's journey through the jungles of Linux networking.  The objective of this project is to compile information that may be useful in putting together a dynamic VPN based on Linux.  This information will be placed on this site for public consumption--with no warranties, of course--to aid others in setting up networks of their own.

Final details of this dynamic VPN (or "constellation") are still being worked out, as several different network association solutions are being tested. I'm using the following statements as a guide:

Should any threats to this particular system configuration be identified, they will be listed.  For the moment, nobody's gotten through the firewall, so all we have to show you is the Idiot Box, the top few 31337 d00dz who've beaten themselves to death against the firewall.  (And it's only a packet filter, for gods' sake!)

The AE0LIS Constellation is Y2K compliant.  We've tested it in real life.


About the Name

The name is based on Greek tradition.  Aeolus was a minor deity to the Greeks, being the god of winds.  On the island of Aeolia, he kept the winds imprisoned in a cave, releasing them as gales or breezes, depending on the orders handed down to him from Olympus.

When Odysseus visited him, Aeolus bound the dangerous winds into a bag and gave the sealed bag to him, promising that if those winds remained pent up, the trip back to Ithaca would be much easier.  Indeed, Odysseus made good time on his voyage home.  Unfortunately, within sight of Ithaca, his jealous crewmates opened the bag, expecting to find treasure.  Instead the winds escaped, blowing the ship furiously off course.

What does all that mythology have to do with this system?  I'm not really sure--it sounded like a cool name at the time.  Many constellations are based on Greek legends, and there's a mensa (really big mesa) on Mars that shares the name.

Perhaps one can say that the Internet is like the wind--you can't see it, but it's there, changing the world around you.


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